How the SPP Works

The SPP is an online directory for socially responsible businesses in Winnipeg. It aids in networking and collaboration for small businesses “suppliers” to larger corporate bodies, organizations and individuals in the general public “purchasers,” as well as for job seekers who face various challenges to finding and maintaining jobs.


Purchasers are committed to buying products and services, such as catering and transportation, from our SPP Suppliers, whenever possible, and as often as possible.

Suppliers are local businesses and organizations that provide local and ethical goods and services to SPP Purchasers. They are also committed to helping break barriers to employment in the inner city, by offering a ‘first chance’ to those with barriers to employment. In addition to this, Suppliers are also committed to the Community Economic Development Principles.

Employment Agencies are organizations that are committed to helping those facing barriers to employment gain job skills and find permanent employment. When suppliers post job openings, the SPP sends those openings to the Employment Agencies, so that they can find those best suitable to apply for the position.

A special thanks to our funders, The Winnipeg Foundation, and The Co-operators for their generous support of the SPP!