Building Urban Industries for Local Development (BUILD) Inc.

BUILD is an award winning social enterprise (non-profit contractor) and training program that hires individuals with multiple employment barriers and prepares them for long-term, meaningful employment in the trades.

Services we provide:

Water-saving retrofits:  Enjoy huge long-term savings while preventing water wastage. Provincial payment program available.

Drain Water Heat Recovery: Use the heat from shower water to heat your hot water tanks. Simple but effective!

General Plumbing Work: Our Journeyperson plumber is available for daytime calls.

Maintenance: From simple repairs and patch and paint, to deep refreshes of units, our team can get your recently vacated unit as good as new for your new tenants.

Cabinetry: Have a cabinet refresh project coming? Our trained team, led by a journeyperson carpenter, can handle high-volume installs with discretion toward tenants.

Insulation: BUILD has specialized in insulating low income units since 2006

Special Projects: Have something that doesn’t fit this description? Fence work? Exterior siding? We’d be excited to look at the project with you!